Douglas Neumann
Director of Environmental Services, Dresdner Robin
Mr. Neumann has over 20 years of diverse experience conducting environmental investigations on behalf of a wide range of clientele including government agencies, real-estate developers, law firms and financial institutions. Specializing in environmental due diligence and brownfield redevelopment, he regularly assists clients in assessing and mitigating liability associated with real estate acquisitions and has acted as an expert in support of environmental litigation cost recovery cases. Mr. Neumann has served as an effective liaison between clients, local/state/federal regulatory agencies, legal counsel and financial institutions and has developed innovative and cost effective solutions to a variety of complex environmental and engineering challenges. He is a dedicated and performance driven professional with an accomplished record of fulfilling his clients objectives. As the Director of Environmental Services at Dresdner Robin, Mr. Neumann leads a diverse team of talented professionals and has proven himself to be an effective manager with strong organizational skills. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Ohio University and a Master of Science degree in Geo-Environmental Science from Shippensburg, PA.

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